Mcd630 4.8V 4000ma Battery Pack w/4pin Deans

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4.8V 4000ma NiMH Sub "C" with a female 4pin deans for Mcd473 - Mcd475 Pulsed On Board Glow Driver. 

Tech Data:
Weight: 8.9oz (253 grams). 
Dimensions: 3 5/8"L x 1 3/4"W x 7/8"H
Trickle charge: 4.8V @ 130ma
Overnight Charge rate: 4.8V @ 400ma for 12 hours.
Fast charge rate: 4.8V @ 1000ma (1 Amp) for 4.0 hours max.
Rapid charge: 4.8V @ 4000ma (4 Amps) for maximum of 90 minutes

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