Mcd475 - 4.8V Pulsed On Board Glow Driver - Five Cylinders

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This unit is set up for a 5 Cylinder Engine. On-Board Glow Plug Driver Systems are available for engines with one to nine glow plugs or multi-engine setups. They deliver power for starting and maintaining idle during taxiing and power down flight maneuvers. The Driver is controlled by your TX at any time you desire by using an available channel for manual operation, or parallel it with your throttle servo using a "Y" cord for automatic operation at low throttle settings(fully adjustable set point). It has a remote L.E.D. to mount on the dashboard (or any convenient place), visibly to show when glow plug power is switched on. It has an external Deans Charge Jack for charging and external boosting. The unit runs off of a separate 4.8V battery pack. The Driver electronics are packed in a plastic box for protection. We include PlugLock(s) for glow plug connection, (leads are supplied 18" long - this may be lengthened or shortened as needed),  a  connector with heavy duty wire for your battery pack and a connector that mates with the charge jack. The total on board weight without batteries for 471 & 472 is approx 3.0 oz. For Models 473 thru 480 weight is approx. 6.0 oz. (4.8V Battery pack & charger not included, but battery packs and charge cords are available separately)

* All Drivers are fully AM-FM-PCM-2.4GHz Compatible  

 * All Drivers have automatic shut-down


Custom Modification: We can customize your glow plug leads on  your Mcd473 - Mcd479 at no-charge.  Use the drop down box to choose or you may specify wire length up to 72" , Just fill in specs on the   "Customer Notes" when you view the cart or check out. Custom units must be ordered direct  from us and will take a little extra time for assembly. We have charge cords available with banana plugs or servo leads. Check out driver accessories and charge cords. 

PDF Instructions for Mcd471-479 Glow Drivers (47xinst.pdf, 149 Kb) [Download]

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