Mcd462 - 1.5V On Board Glow Battery Switch w/o Battery

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The Mcd462 was designed for Single Cylinder Engines on Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats, and Cars for starting and maintaining idle at low throttle. Just add your own 1.2-1.5V Battery. It has all the features of our Mcd464 without a 1.5V battery. You can parallel the On Board Glow Driver with your throttle servo using a "Y" cord for automatic "ON" operation at low throttle settings (fully adjustable set-point). Another setup option is it can be switched on from your TX at any time you desire using an available channel. The external Deans charge jack will allow you to charge overnight using the Charge cord provided. Add your own connector to match your 1.5V DC source. A remote L.E.D. indicator lets you know when the glow plug is turned on. It can be mounted on the instrument panel or any convenient place to monitor the switching circuit. It is optically coupled to eliminate any possibility of RFI from the engine linkages or wiring. The Mcd462 is AM-FM-PCM and 2.4GHz compatible. The system includes: Assembled Electronics. Glow plug harness (Leads are 15". Leads may be shortened but NOT LENGTHENED). Charge cord. Weight is approx. 1.5 oz. without battery.

PDF Instructions for Mcd462 On Board Glow Switch (M465inst.pdf, 122 Kb) [Download]

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