Mcd446 - 1.0" Remote Adapter Kit Twin

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This remote PlugLock adapter supplies power to your concealed glow plug from a remote location. The 1" adapter is for deeply recessed glow plugs. The Kit includes, 2ea PlugLock (Glow Plug) adapter with a 12" red wire, 12" black ground wire, ground lugs, powerhead with nut, mounting bracket, and heat shrink tubing. Kits are available for Single or Twin Cylinder engines. There are two PlugLock (Glow Plug) adapter lengths available, standard 5/8" and for deeply recessed glow plugs, the 1" adapter. Adapter heads and replacement wires are available separately if you should need them.

PDF Instructions for Remote Adapter Kits (M443Inst.pdf, 89 Kb) [Download]

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