Mcd881 - Go-Slo III - all servo outputs common

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The New "Go-Slo III" has been improved with added features. With the precise performance of an 8 bit microprocessor the output is now "user selectable". There are two models available. You can operate 1, 2, or 3 servos on both units. The Model Mcd881 has all three servo outputs common. Both models allow the servo speed to be adjusted, 2 to 10+ seconds of travel in either direction with no loss of torque. Go-Slo III units are great for precise operation of Flaps, Gear etc. The receiver cable is now a heavy 22 gage for better power delivery to one, two or three servos. 
Go-Slo IIIs are compatible with 4.8 or 6 Volt systems and all proportional servos.
The unit is 1.5" x 1.5"x 3/4" and only .9 oz in weight.

PDF Instructions for Mcd881 Go-Slo III (M880Inst.pdf, 152 Kb) [Download]

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