Ldm7000 - Model Chocks

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Model Chocks will prevent the damage that can occur to your model when it is allowed to roll back and forth in your car or truck during transportation to and from the flying field. Model Chocks lock onto your planes axles, surround the wheel and prevent your model from rolling. The model chocks have 16 teeth each to hold onto a rug in your car or truck. They are also useful at the field to keep the model in place, but not to be used to hold the model during the starting of the motor. In the workshop, they keep your plane from rolling around on the bench. Used during long term storage, model chocks lift the plane up off the wheels and prevent flat spots from forming on the tires. There designed to fit 1/16" to 5/32" axles and up to 3" diameter wheels.

PDF Instructions for Ldm7000 Model Chocks (Ldm7000inst.pdf, 70 Kb) [Download]

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