Sot265 Nifty Keeper

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The Nifty Plug & Socket Keeper is a great little item that will avoid the accidental disconnection of the servo cable plug and sockets within the model. They are simple to attach to the plug and socket units. The Keepers are attached to the female sockets. The tang that extends over the plug has two teeth that go behind the rear of the plug and straddle the center wire. They will prevent vibration from separating the plug and socket, however, they will separate in the event of a crash. This separation avoids additional damage to the plug and socket cables. The Keepers are brightly colored for safety and small enough to pass through wing tubes etc. There are 10 safety clips per package.

PDF Instructions for Sot265 Nifty Keepers (Sot265.pdf, 391 Kb) [Download]

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